3 circumstances when you certainly need an injury lawyer in Philadelphia


We hope you never need to find a personal injury attorney. However, you may have a valid personal injury claim when you have suffered injuries because of someone’s neglect or intent. Pennsylvania has a statute of limitations, which allows just two years to file a civil lawsuit after a personal injury or accident. In other words, you have limited time. Engaging one of the Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you in many ways. In this post, we are sharing common circumstances when hiring a lawyer is almost necessary. 

  1. When you share fault. In case of car accidents, Pennsylvania follows the modified comparative fault rule. Your share of fault determines what you get from the settlement given for your losses. If you are over 50% at fault, you cannot recover anything from the other party. When there is shared fault, personal injury lawsuits get complicated. Get an attorney on your side so that you don’t end up taking the blame. 
  2. When your injuries are severe. If you have suffered injuries that have caused permanent damage, disfigurement, or require extensive care and treatment, hiring a lawyer is a good idea. The worth of your claim could be much more than the medical bills because you would be compensated for your pain and suffering too. There is typically a multiplier used for determining the settlement, and an attorney can evaluate the worth of your claim. 
  3. When you are unsure of fault, or there are multiple parties involved. Think of a truck accident where the trucking company, loading service, and the trucker could share fault for the accident. In general, when there is no clarity on fault or many parties involved in the claim, you should hire a lawyer. 

How much do PI lawyers cost in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania, almost all lawyers charge a contingency fee for injury lawsuits. If you win a settlement, you agree to pay a part of the settlement to the attorney as their fee. There is no upfront cost of hiring a lawyer, and therefore, you have an additional reason to seek legal advice. Just make sure that you select a local attorney who has the necessary experience and expertise. Do not step back from discussing your concerns, especially if you believe that your action could be attributed to the crash in some manner. 

Check online to find more on Pennsylvania lawyers and call one for advice and a free consultation session. 

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