A Guide to DIY Outdoor Metal Building


If you are a bit of a handyman and are thinking about building an outdoor structure, metal is by far the best material to use. Steel and aluminium offer a maintenance-free solution that will stand the test of time, and metal is also very affordable, and by creating a set of plans, you can have the supplier cut everything to the required sizes.

Online Solutions

Finding local aluminium suppliers is no longer a difficult task, thanks to the Internet, and there are companies that would have everything you need, including the following:

·         Steel Support Posts – Primed and painted, the support posts can be cut to the exact length required.

·         Aluminium Sheeting – A wide range of aluminium sheeting that comes in standard sizes, which can be cut to size.

·         Adhesives and sealants.

·         Rivets and hand tools.

·         Hinges, brackets, nuts and bolts and screws.

·         Joist hangers

·         Welding consumables.

You can order everything you need for the project, and with a secure online payment, the goods will be delivered to your door.

Steel Building Design

Fortunately, there is computer software that will enable you to create the plans, which may have to be submitted to the local authorities for approval. This type of software allows to create blueprints that you can work to, and you can print out the plans for easy reference, allowing you to build as you go. Not only that, the Internet is a great source of information, and should you need some help regarding how to weld, there are online tutorials that guide you every step of the way. Any person who lacks the confidence to take on such a project has a wealth of free online resources to assist them with every stage of the project.

The Foundations

The best form of foundation for a steel building is a concrete base, into which are set the steel uprights, and with ready-mix freely available, it is only a question of creating the timber form and setting the steel supports, then you can pour the mix and level it, leaving it overnight to set.

Aluminium Cladding

This is the most suitable material for the walls and the roof, which can easily be fixed with rivets, and by leaving a space for the door and windows, you can construct the outer shell, while using silicone to seal the joints.

Wide Range of Uses

A steel stand-alone building can be used for many things; you might want to store your gardening tools and implements, or it could be an office, from where you run your business. Another idea is to create an extra bedroom for guests who wish to stay overnight, or it could be the ideal study room for your kids, or perhaps a workshop to host your hobby.

If you do a little online research, all of the resources you need to complete the project are available, and with a supplier who will cut everything to order, you can have the steel & aluminium building delivered in kit form. A long weekend would be sufficient to complete the project.

Today’s businesses are seeing the importance of investing in environmentally friendly products such as green building materials – and Greenville Metal Buildings is leading the way with their green offerings.

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