Avoid These Mistakes While Designing a Webpage that is Compatible with All Gadgets


Gone are those days, when people had to take a stroll in the market for long hours to explore items and negotiate with the shopkeeper and then buy the stuff. After this, you had to carry those heavy bags back home. Now time has changed and people are much dependent on the internet world where through e-commerce business, an ordinary citizen can purchase an item in the world in no time. There isn’t any tension of negotiation because many websites are available at different prices to make us feel happy.

Since people are not only dependent on laptops and desktops, but also on mobile phones and tabloids, therefore, companies are also spending on designing websites that are compatible with all electronic gadgets. We also have apps for different businesses that make our life easier. Designing a website isn’t an easy task, a lot of brainstorming is required in order to design something that should fit in all gadgets.

MediaOne was founded in 2008 that deals in website design and development Singapore. Their efficient work has resulted in 1000 MNC clients who are satisfied with their work. They don’t just hand over the website and are done with their job, but they also monitor the progress of every campaign. Their strategy is to target humans as well as monitor the changing algorithms depending upon the number of times the site is being searched on any search engine.

Thus, just preparing a site is not all that’s required. There are many other things to monitor to keep the site well going. Here are some mistakes that can be avoided to make the site a success –

  • Your purpose should be clear on the front page of the site so that customers don’t wonder about it. If your competitor is more elaborate about its introduction, then it is obvious that people would get attracted to them.
  • Your layout should be adjustable on any screen size and don’t focus on one screen. If you’re making a site which is compatible on desktop screen, then it should also be compatible with smartphones.
  • Don’t make your file heavy which can lose customers for you. No customer is interested in an online site that takes five seconds and more to upload, therefore cut down your file size, but not content.
  • Use your skills to include images in such a technique that image fits correctly in every screen. If the image is meant for desktop or laptop, it will not show correctly on smaller screen like mobile phones.

If you watch your competitive website to understand why they are better, you will know that there may be some pitfalls which are making your site a failure. If you work on them, you can make your site user-friendly.

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