Business Marketing And Lead Management


Effective ways of business marketing

Build an elevator pitch

• You should always be marketing for your business or do business marketing irrespective of the place due to which you require a pitch which is convincing. You pitch should be good as to attract somebody’s attention. It is normally seen that you just require about a minute to sell your product or service to anyone. However this may not sound great to you but it would benefit you by creating opportunities in business.

Leverage your community

• You need not think big as far as your marketing efforts are concerned. You can even print bookmarks and leave them at the library. Get to know your customer well as this would help you in building a strategy to promote your business which is your ultimate goal.


• Try to get along a non-competitive business in your area and try to promote it. You can use many useful things like fliers, coupons or social media. By the help of collaboration you can increase your customer base.


• Get to know as many people as you can as this would increase your network. Although networking requires time and the results take time but it perhaps the best asset you can have for your business.

Speak in public

• You should be capable enough to give a speech in public as this would result in the promotion of your business. The people would also have a good word of mouth about your business if they are convinced with your speech.

Ask for referrals

• Do not be shy and take referrals as they help you expand your business.In case if you are not asking for referrals then you are making a big mistake.

Maintain relationships

• It is always better to retain an old customer than to get a new one as it saves money which is true for business marketing as well as equally true for internet marketing and inbound marketing. This is the reason why a good relationship wit your customer is very important. You can introduce an email campaign which would be very effective and try to make all your communications helpful and full of information.

Offer coupons

• Coupons play a very important role in attracting new customers for business marketing. Coupons help in generating return visits as it is very commonly seen that a customer with a discount coupon normally comes to shop again.

Try to give free trail or sample

• If somebody happens to like your product or services there are chances that they will purchase more in future. Just for the betterment of your business try to give a sample or free trial.

Lead management

The main purpose of lead management is to manage every lead in to a prospect lead. Initially in lead management an enquiry is recorded which could be of an individual or company. Moreover there are different statuses which are assigned to every lead like resources successfully allocated, pending information or negotiations are on and many more depending on lead to lead. All the relevant details and information are saved within the lead management system.

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