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Copper Round Bar is one of the most used components made of copper. The round bars are used in condensers and electric applications due to the high thermal conductivity and electric conductivity. Copper materials also don’t corrode easily where the other materials could. For example, the marine and seawater industry use copper because it is very much resistance against chloride ion corrosion cracking. Though the material is anticorrosive, it is not as strong as the other steel material. So the material has to be used in conjunction with others when used in structural applications. The use of copper round bar is very common in electrical systems and to produce Copper Bolts. Copper is very much cost efficient in conducting electricity compared to other electrically conductive alloys.

There are different grades of copper. The grades are derived by the addition of alloyed material. The addition brings about the difference in the mechanical properties. There are not only round bars, but other shaped bars as well. The copper hexagon bar is such another shape of copper bars. Due to the near 100% electric conductivity, pure copper grades are used in electrical systems. The pure copper grades are commercially pure. Meaning, they are about 99.99% copper but contain other elements in smaller quantities. One of the pure grades is the c110. The c110 round bar price could be gained from different suppliers. The copper material price varies base on the market availability, transportation, supply and demand. In addition to that, the availability of substitute materials could also affect the copper price.

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