Digital Marketing: Set A Goal And Be Active Where Your Target Audience Is


While there’s a pervasive attitude that businesses need to establish and maintain a presence on every platform to be successful, sometimes it’s best to choose. Find where your target audience is and where your posts will have the most impact, and focus your efforts there.

Your law firm or contractor websites might not need a Pinterest or Snapchat account, but Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are probably important. Pick a few, post to them, measure their effectiveness, and limit your involvement to those that work best.

Familiarize Yourself With Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Facebook provides the possibility for users to use personal and professional pages. As a lawyer, set your profile to “private” with strict privacy settings. Set up a separate, publicly viewable company page.

List Your Practice Information.

This page is where your audience will find more information about you. This is also where you can launch all Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Avoid bragging or begging
  • On social networks, avoid bragging or begging

Avoid the pitfalls that put you at odds with the professional advertising rules that govern your profession. That’s why it’s best not to brag about the results of previous deals or actively solicit clients through social media.

Discuss Legal Content

This is where content marketing can benefit your firm, for example, by giving some legal advice. By writing great content for potential clients, you can get engagement from people who will keep your name in mind the next time they need your services.

Quality Over Quantity

There is no need for your law firm or contractor marketing services to stack publications. Instead, try to make one quality post a day that will get engagement rather than 5 or 10 that do very little. The goal is to create a network of regulars and gradually increase your audience.

Show Some Personality

Don’t be afraid to show your true self online. With millions of users on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Instagram, the only way to stand out is to grow and use what makes you different. As your parents told you, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

How Long Does It Take To SEO A Lawyer’s Website?

Difficult question. This depends on several parameters (age of the domain name, referencing in progress or beginning, competition, etc.). But you will have first concrete results with quality work after 4-6 months for low-medium competition. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to reference you in Paris, for example. It can sometimes take 1 to 2 years.

How Can An Individual Law Firm With A Small Digital Marketing Budget Compete With Large Law Firms?

You will surely find it difficult to compete for online advertising. But if you perform quality SEO in a niche where the competition is not tough, you can succeed even with a limited budget.

How To Get More Online Reviews?

Reviews on Google are very important today. You will need to have as many as possible to outrun your competitors. To do this, set up a process for requesting customer reviews for successful cases. If satisfied with your services, they will not hesitate to give you a positive opinion.

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