Five Factors to Consider when Designing or Redesigning your Product Packaging


A lot of companies redesign their product packaging often. But, others prefer to maintain their packaging for the entire product life cycle. Either of these approaches can bring success; however, changing packaging too often can make your product unrecognizable on the shelf. Also, never changing the packaging can make the product looking outdated. This makes it important for your organization to know when exactly to change your product design. Whether you are just starting to design your packaging or redesigning, keep the following factors in mind:

Consider your Sales Channel

Packaging for e-commerce shipping, retail stores, or club stores has various regulations and standards to take into account. Understanding your sales channel lets you focus on making the right packaging when it comes to shipping features, structural integrity and safety, as well as cost, and storage space. When you pick the correct design from the get-go, you will reduce your time and cost.

Packaging Material

When choosing the packaging material, keep structural integrity, your audience, and your image in mind. Also, think about your desired price range, safety requirements, your sales channel, and your display. Your material of choice will make a difference in the marketability of your product.


Your package’s graphical design is a significant feature that can make your product stand out on the shelves. Depending on your market, sales channel, and price range, you can focus on various graphic design elements to stand out. The finishing and colors used must be thought about carefully based on your target audience.

Structural Design

 In terms of structural design for product packaging, you will need to consider size, durability, safety, storage space, and shelf space. Also, your packaging’s structural design should secure and protect the product. A design that can be easily manufactured at a reasonable cost and production time is ideal.

Cost of Packaging vs. Product Price

As you decide on the packaging for your product, think about price points you aim for. Depending on the price of your product and industry standards, the final price can vary. In general, it is best to set a percentage of your product price as your goal for the cost of your packaging. If you are selling e-commerce items that must be shipped to customers, you want to pay attention to ease of shipping and structural safety. For industries such as the cosmetic industry which prioritizes brand names and aesthetic look to get products off the shelf, a higher percentage of their budget must be spent on packaging.

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