How To Bleed Air From The Hydraulic System Before Placing A Cylinder Under Load


The presence of air in the hydraulic system affects the performance of the equipment and can compromise its quality.

In order not to run the risk of damaging any component, check out the step-by-step guide on how to remove air from the system before placing a cylinder under load or use professionals such as Double-Acting Cylinders Repair in Chicago, IL for example for repair:

Pump up until the piston is fully extended.

Invert the cylinder, so the piston is down, resting on a bench or the floor.

Keep the pump higher than the cylinder.

Open the pump relief valve.

Press down on the back of the cylinder to help the piston retract; air will flow from the cylinder and hose into the pump oil sump.

Which Indicators To Use In The Management Of Maintenance Of Hydraulic Equipment?

You will have to follow some rules strictly to gain market competitiveness. Among them is the control of the indicators involved in the maintenance process of your industry’s hydraulic equipment and your business.

Cylinders, Inc have already talked about the role that predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance plays in a company’s profitability. So, we know that maintenance generates savings with the cost of acquiring new equipment, increasing equipment performance, and reducing unscheduled downtime.

However, there is no point in believing that your industry’s maintenance process is performing at its best if there is no careful management behind it.

Within this management, the constant measurement of the performance of the items that comprise this process is fundamental. And this performance analysis ranges from the number of equipment stops, the availability of this equipment in the production plant, maintenance costs, and equipment performance after maintenance is completed.

So, to guide you in this performance control of equipment maintenance in your industry, let’s now talk about the indicators you can use to attest to the maintenance of hydraulic equipment.


The Backlog is the indicator that represents the relationship between the demand for services and the ability to meet them.

CMF: Maintenance Cost on Billing

The CMF indicator is for controlling the financial management of resources. This KPI is fundamental and directly impacts the sales value of the product or service offered by the industry.

CPMV: Maintenance Cost Over Replacement Value

It is the CPMV KPI that will indicate whether the maintenance cost of each piece of equipment is high on the basis of whether it is more advantageous to buy new equipment.

Distribution By Types Of Maintenance

This indicator reveals the percentage of application of each type of maintenance. In 100%, how much corrective maintenance is done, predictive maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

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