How To Put A Lock On A Door?


To add a simple security system to a door so that you can lock it to prevent children from opening it, to give you some peace of mind, etc., a door lock can be fitted. We invite you to discover how to install it on website and everything you need to know to carry out this operation.

This set is characterized by a metal part whose elongated shape is actuated to be inserted into a strike plate or a patina, thus keeping the door closed. The lock can be operated in different ways: manually, using a knob to turn, a rod to move, or a key.

Be careful to make the difference: when we talk about a lock, it is not a question of a door lock. Here’s what sets them apart:

Unlike the lock, the lock includes a mechanism in addition to the deadbolt and offers greater security.

A lock can be multipoint, while the lock can only be a single point. It is preferable to favor a three-point or even five-point lock to secure the entrance to your home.

For an entrance door, a lock alone is never offered; it is always in addition to a lock. We then favor a key model installed as a wall lamp.

There are mainly two types of locks:

The latch or bolt: they are generally used for furniture doors, vistas, secondary doors, public toilet doors, etc.;

The lock is a type of closure consisting of a rod that fits into a striker. This type of lock is the one that is installed on interior doors. It can then be double-entry; that is to say, it can be opened on both sides using a key or with a button. In this case, it is operated by a button on the inside and a key on the outside.

For More Security

Depending on the door on which you want to install your lock, it is probably intended to improve the security of the dwelling. Here are some tips to ensure this security:

The right pose is essential. If a lock or Camio Installer is very simple to install, it requires good fasteners anchoring to be effective.

It can increase security by installing two locks on the same opening.

If your door is wooden, the installation will be very simple. However, if it is aluminum or PVC, you will have to choose your lock carefully because the internal structure of these types of doors is weaker. The strike must be fixed on a sufficiently solid support to withstand the thrust during a break-in attempt.

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