Lean Manufacturing as well as the Pharmaceutical Industry – What’s Been along with what Should be


Over roughly yesteryear decade, the pharmaceutical industry has haltingly attempted to embrace lean manufacturing. A producing philosophy while using goals of reducing waste and boosting productivity may likely appear to become good work with this industry. Nevertheless the results, up to now, are actually under dazzling-even though this does not have to be the problem.

As much as fairly recently, the pharmaceutical industry has enjoyed healthy earnings. Might down to meeting regulatory mandates have introduced the to stand up to change and concentrate on maintaining the established order. Though cost pressure growing (especially regarding regulatory compliance), product pipelines dwindling, and competition from generics growing, the look is altering.

Despite a focus on quality, the pharmaceutical industry has unsuccessful to keep other sectors in improving manufacturing productivity and efficiency. And so the here i am in an ardent, unreserved persistence for effectively applying lean manufacturing techniques appears to get now.

A 2006 study involving more than 1,500 pharmaceutical manufacturers created some eye-opening results. More than 50% in the respondents revealed that their companies have implemented, to some degree or other, lean manufacturing solutions. But under 50% of people are actually happy with the final results. The primary impediment with a effective and thoroughgoing adoption of lean practices will be a perception that efficiency- and productivity-boosting techniques created in the vehicle industry can not be implemented inside the pharmaceutical industry.

Now, it’s true that lean manufacturing remains more broadly implemented on the market previously few years. Evidence of this may be seen in the growing volume of situation studies, articles, and conferences focusing on it. But, overall, the pharmaceutical industry has shown handful of warning signs of substantial progress.

Inventory turns might be a reliable indicator from the company’s success in applying lean manufacturing. In case your customers are improving processes, your trend of inventory turns as time passes should reflect that. The data, however, seems to suggest which more than last decade there is not any significant improvement in this area.

Consider this, though. Inside the 1980’s the electronics sector in the usa came out to get moribund. However, owing mainly for the adoption of individuals solutions, IBM, HP, and Dell have re-assumed their former role of worldwide leadership on the market. As evidence, HP’s inventory turns improved within an average rate of 6.9% from 2000 to 2009.

Clearly, a lean manufacturing system works. Therefore it may be employed in the pharmaceutical industry using the proper implementation.

The task for your pharmaceutical industry, then, is always to effect a company-wide adoption of lean manufacturing together with consistent utilization of lean manufacturing techniques. So far, consistent, committed adoption remains sporadic and isolated.

Next, companies need to take a comprehensive take a look at lean manufacturing implementation and look for the supply chain generally rather than concentrate solely on improved manufacturing operations. Without them broader focus, enhancements it’s still limited.

Finally, it is crucial that management ask the aid of pharmaceutical consultants with experience with and knowledge of lean manufacturing. Using this method numerous failure factors might be avoided, including inadequate leadership buy-in, foolish cost-cutting, poor product selection, and less-than-optimal execution.

The fact the pharmaceutical industry has lagged behind others in the completely effective implementation of lean manufacturing solutions can, performed right, finish up becoming an enormous plus. This is because the possibility now are for sale to us to achieve understanding in the mistakes and assimilate the successes of other industries.

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