The Danger Of Dealing With Dust In The Workplace


Industrial jobsites or buildings alike are sure to have hazards in excess, whether they be obvious and apparent, or more hidden and innocuous. For example, it’s very obvious that flammable liquids or various flame accelerants can be hazardous if not used or stored properly. That said, there are much less obviously dangerous, and thus much more overlooked, materials that build up at industrial jobsites or buildings that are just as hazardous. A perfect example of something so trite is dust. Dust build up in any industrial setting can cause some serious health effects on workers in the long term. Respiratory damage and illness are some of the most common of these effects. The airborne dust being inhaled can worsen respiratory issues such as pneumonia, asthma, and can even cause lung cancer. Dust can also impact the skin and eyes just as severely, peaking at skin cancer to those impacted for too long. Understanding just how serious even some of the least expected industrial hazards can be, it’s imperative that organizations begin taking efforts to better defend against these hazards. For more information on how industrial organizations are doing exactly that, check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

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