The Many Benefits of Company Formation in Vanuatu


If you are planning a business startup, we live in a global marketplace and where you register the business can make a big difference. The smart entrepreneur researches in-depth to discover the pros and cons of registering the company in their home country, then takes a look at offshore locations as a comparison.

We took the time to list the benefits of registering a new business in Vanuatu to help you make an informed decision.

  • No double taxation treaty – Vanuatu does not have double taxation treaties with any nation, so regardless of your nationality, you will not be liable to double taxation.
  • No annual general meetings – It is always something that has to be done in a normal business environment, yet not in Vanuatu. Your company is not required to submit the reports of an AGM, which is one less thing you have to do; streamlining your processes.
  • Zero annual returns filing – One of the great benefits of company formations in Vanuatu is no requirement to file annual returns.
  • No domestic taxation for international companies – There is no domestic tax to be paid on net profits for international companies.
  • No exchange controls – There are no exchange controls on companies that are registered in Vanuatu.
  • International company directors can be any nationality – You have total freedom when it comes to choosing company directors. The nominated director(s) can come from any country in the world. You can even have anonymous nominees, should you require that.
  • English the language – There’s nothing worse than not being able to understand what is happening during the business registration process. Translation services are not required for any business dialogue, which is refreshing.
  • Privacy & confidentiality – This is an automatic given with Vanuatu registered companies.
  • Share capital can be in any currency – Why lose money with currency exchange when you can post your share capital in the currency of your choice?
  • No minimal share capital amount – For companies that register in Vanuatu, there is no minimum share capital amount.
  • No company secretary required – Another great reason to register your new company in Vanuatu.
  • Sole ownership – You can 100% own the business when you choose Vanuatu for the business registration.

If you would like to learn more about company formation in Vanuatu, start with a Google search to find established business lawyers that are based in Vanuatu, where you will receive the best legal advice on business registration.

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