When Is It Worth Renting Tents?


Tents are essential for your event, but when is it worth renting tents? An event thoroughly organized and ready to happen cannot stop. Just imagine all the structure set up and organized schedule, and it rains unexpectedly on the day of the event. At this point, having a tent at your event is essential.

Tents are widely used in external events and as attachments to extend the space in internal events; they can be used in corporate events, weddings, parties, festivals, trade fairs, congresses, and other events.

Now that we know the benefits of tents for your event and what types of events they can be used for, the question remains: “When is it worth renting tents?” or “Is it better to rent or buy? All this will depend on how often you will use the tents.

For example, if you are only going to use the tent for special and sporadic events such as a wedding, party or congresses held up to twice a year, you are recommended to rent a tent. Because when buying, it will be necessary to disburse a more significant amount, have enough space to store the tent, hire a team for assembly and carry out periodic maintenance to keep the tents always new and guarantee the necessary security.

Therefore, if you only want one-off events, the most helpful thing is to rent tents. Renting tents for specific events will bring you benefits such as:

Security and Tranquility: You will not worry about possible climate changes; if unexpected rain comes, the participants will be protected.

Best Cost Benefit: When renting a tent, the company will take a team specialized in assembling and disassembling equipment to the location, guaranteeing everything your event needs.

Tent Types

Discover, below, some of the main types of tents available.

Accordion Tents

They are extremely easy and quick to assemble. They are, therefore, more suitable for occasions requiring little covered space and frequent assembly and disassembly. An everyday use is in sales posts and advertising in strategic locations.

Pyramid Tents

Indicated for medium and large events, they have a steel structure and a sophisticated and elegant design. They can be assembled in series and provide significant protection against rain, even at the junctions between them. Commemorative events such as weddings and birthday parties often use this model.

Tensioned Tenda

These tents are most common at events that use sound, as they have excellent acoustics. They are lighter and easier to assemble when compared to pyramidal ones and have a more modern design.

Moving and Storage Solutions for Events

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