When Should You Be Using Sustainable Packaging?


As more and more people become concerned with the world’s waste problem, working toward a more sustainable future becomes much simpler. The more collaboration and enthusiasm the better, because while it’s true that change can start at the lowest level, there is a great deal of change that must be made at the highest levels to make a sizeable difference in the waste issue. For example, the e-commerce industry at large, while contributing to the convenience of our lives, also exists as one of the largest contributors to waste around the world. Plastic packaging is necessary to fulfill the orders being placed online, right? Rather than accepting this packaging as a necessary evil, e-commerce organizations can instead enact changes that makes this part of the fulfillment process more sustainable. For instance, using recyclable materials to create the packaging necessary to fulfill orders can make a great difference in an organization’s sustainability goals. Whether by crafting a packaging box out of cardboard and or a different plant-based material, e-commerce organizations have the power to do a lot in the name of sustainability. Sometimes it just requires outsourcing parts of their production processes in order to do so. Often times, these e-commerce organizations will partner with organizations that adhere to strict sustainability practices to keep them better in check with manufacturing, packaging and material sourcing. When you’re able to partner with the correct organization, large systemic changes are more easily achievable. For more information on how organizations are making the necessary changes to become more sustainable, review the infographic paired alongside this post.

When Should You Be Using Sustainable Packaging? an infographic provided by Eagle Flexible Packaging, a company specializing in stand up pouch packaging

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